Monday, August 12, 2013

A little catching up!

Good morning! First of all, I am hoping to blog more often and either share my projects or inspiration! I hope to blog weekly and possibly twice a week. Anyone going to hold me to that? Anyone? Anyone? 

In my attempt to blog more, I shot some quick photos of my latest creations with my phone. They are the best photos, but it will allow me to share my creations now with the idea of doing better photography later! :) 
First off, I've been working on an initial for a friend of mine. Her last name starts with an M, so I wanted to create something she could hang in her house. I have other plans up my sleeve, but this is the only one that has gotten mostly finished in my last few crazy weeks! 
What do you think?  I still need to add a hanger of some sort to it, but otherwise, it is done!  I am pleased with it!  I hope she will be, too!

Second, I've been dabbling in jewelry making!  Yes, me!  I'm usually more of a paper person- it is cheaper and easily fixable should something go wrong.  Well, I decided to jump into jewelry making.  The idea was to get into Christmas craft fairs this year to earn some extra money, however, I soon discovered craft fairs are expensive AND most of the deadlines have past!  WHAAAT??  Yeah, so no craft fairs. . .THIS year.  Watch out for me next year!  Here is a sample of a necklace I made.  Yes, it is plain, but I like it.  I might play around with the design some more.  The edges may need something. . .hmm...

Finally, yes, I am kinda keeping up with Project Life!  I am several months behind, but I'm still doing the best I can!  I had a whole bunch of pictures printed, so I am ready to get going.  Here are the last two week spreads I've recently finished:

April 7-April 13 Left side:

Right Side:

April 14-April 20 Left side:

Right Side:

Sorry about the bad photos.  I'm going to work on that!  However, like I said, I just wanted to share!

I've been using up months and months of my project life kits.  I have been very free in allowing myself to use whatever I want from the kits.  Usually, I'm very timid to use things out of the kit for fear that I might need them later.  I decided that was the dumbest reason to not use things.  So, I used whatever I wanted.  The cards go so well together, it really brings my pages together.  Considering they are just a mass of random life photos.  I LOVE using the kits.  Duh!  I wish I'd used them sooner!  Oh well!

Enjoy your week.  I'm off to work shortly!


  1. Love the initial. So cute! Your PL looks great! Glad you're using your stuff. So much better than saving it. Now you can enjoy all the cute stuff in your albums!

  2. I think your friend will love the monogram, so pretty!