Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Reminder and Ramblings

Good morning, readers!  First of all, I just wanted to remind you that my Christmas in July Sale is still going on in my Etsy store Katiebird Studio. Simply place an order of $4 or more and use the code 20JULY when you check out to get your 20% off!  This sale runs until the end of July! 

Ok, on to the ramblings.  For the last week, the crafting industry has been a buzz with sneaks of new lines coming out at CHA Summer which, if I'm not mistaken, starts today!  Naturally, all this new papery goodness has gotten me excited.  I've been a paper junkie for as long as I can remember!  However, it has also got me thinking about all the ladies (and a few gentlemen) who have their own lines- espcially people like Maggie Holmes with her newest line from Crate Paper called Flea Market. (Check out Crate Paper's blog post announcing her newest line.)  I know there are other women who have done equally amazing, but for some reason, Maggie got me thinking.  I don't really know her story too well, however, she had her first line of paper crafting goodies come out at the CHA Winter show in 2013.  I just wonder how she got started.  Did she, and others like her just start scrapping with Crate Paper and their sister companies (American Crafts, Pebbles, and Studio Calico) and just 'wow' them with her designs?  Did she, and others like her just get discovered or did they take the action to actually get them to where they are?  Meaning, did they apply endlessly for design teams, etc, or did they get discovered like a brilliant actress or singer that is just found in a small community?  My other questions are how do these people juggle family, their passions, and creating amazing product ideas?  I don't have kids, but I have a hubby and three crazy dogs.  I work full time, too.  I can't seem to find the time I would like to do simple crafts.  How do they manage? 

I guess what I'm saying is this:  I'm in awe of these people who manage their life along with being able to create- constantly!  They seem happy and have their life in order.  Maybe, just maybe, I'm a tad jealous.  Ok, yes, I am jealous.  Would I like to have my life in order with time for my passions and my family and to create wonderful things that people would desire- Um. . .TOTALLY!  Ok, there, I said it.  I guess I need to step up my game: make time to create and get my stuff out there.  Then, take those scarey steps to  apply to design teams and to make the difference I want to make.  And maybe, I will break into that world of paper and embellishments and make my mark!  Hmm. . . maybe I should stop blogging and get crafting!  Right?  (Well, maybe I should just head to work for now.  I guess I can make my mark on the paper crafting world after I get off!)

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