Friday, November 23, 2012

Birthday Celebration- Christ Child

Happy Black Friday!  Are you going out to find the bargins?  Have you already gone?  I won't be; I'm opening the chocolate/coffee shop today!  Do you think I'll be busy??? 
I know everyone is about to get caught up in the crazy holiday prep and shopping.  Just don't forget why we are celebrating: Jesus' birth!  Please remember to share Jesus with everyone this season! 
Today is the last day of my birthday week.  I have one more file for you.  It is Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.  Enjoy!
Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me this week!  I hope you enjoy all the files!  I hope to keep making more!
Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Birthday Celebration- Christmas Lights

Happy Birthday to me!  Yep, it is Thanksgiving and my birthday!!  (No, my birthday isn't always on Thanksgiving, but this year it is!)  Hubs and I are going to my parents' house and my brother is there with a friend. . .who is a girl!  OOOOO. 

The file I have for you today is all about Christmas Lights.  How cool would would these be with washi tape as lights or with glitter behind the lights?  I can't wait to see what you do with these!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Birthday Celebration-snowflake

Happy Wednesday!  Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving already?  Where did this year go???  I'm hoping to get a pumpkin pie baked today to take to my mom's house tomorrow!

Today"s file are snowflakes.  Please enjoy!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday Celebration- Stars

This week is my birthday week!!  With my birthday coming, I hope it will bring the arrival of my Cameo (which I begged for like a small child!)  In celebration of my birthday and the arrival of my Cameo, I decided to give away the cut files I've been creating lately.  I wanted to offer them to everyone for use in their December Daily or in Project Life.  Each day this week, I will post a new file that has a 6x4 cut file and a 3x4 cut file.  Enjoy the celebration and the cut files!
Today, I wanted to share a simple cut file of stars!

(Sorry to those who don't have a sillhouette cameo.  I don't know how to make these files for anything else!)

Monday, November 12, 2012

December Daily Templates

Hi!  A week ago, I shared some December Daily Templates that were just black.  Today, I'm here with another Christmas surprise!  For your enjoyment and personal use, I created a set of the same page templates in green, red, and white. 

Click here to be taken to the download page!  (I think I have it set up right this time!)  Simply select the Download option in the File menu!

Now, that I have all the colors, I need to get my pages started!  I just cut my covers for my DD today!  I cut them from some old mat board an art teacher from my old job in the school district let me have.  I plan to use binder rings to create my album.  I'll probably print all my pages and work from there.  I could glue pages together if need be so they have a front and a back.  I might include some extra photos.  I don't know right now.  As I've never done a DD before, I'm kinda doing this blindly.  However, it should be fun!

I'd love to see your December Daily.  Leave a link in my comments, and I will be certain to comment on your December Daily!  Let's share the love!

More Hours

I'm just stopping by to say this: I wish there were more hours in a day!  Of course, I wouldn't sleep them away.  There is just so much to do, and with work, my Etsy shop, and keeping house, I just don't feel I have time to do it all.

Today, I am pulling Etsy orders.  By the time they are done, I'm off to get ready for work.  I'll be at work until 5, and then off to Hobby Lobby for a couple things.  Then,  home, make dinner, eat, clean up!  By then, it will probably be around 8 (hubs gets home late).  Only a couple hours to take care of laundry and time with hubs.  Then it is off to bed to do it all over again!  OY!

My hats are off to all the mothers out there.  I just don't know how you do it and manage time for yourself!  Way to go!

Ok, with that said, I'm not complaining (well, maybe a little).  I'm happy with my life mostly.  I just wish I could do more!!  Hahaha!

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

December Daily Templates

Good morning!  Ok, as you know, I've been playing around with designing things for scrapbookers.  It is really becoming quite a hobby!  (*squeal!!!)  Yesterday, I attempted to make some December Daily Templates.  I was quite pleased with how they came out!  I posted a tease like this on Instagram

I got quite a few postitive responses!  People stated that they would love to get a set of these for free.  I decided to make them available on my blog.  You get 31 6x4 page templates for the December Daily.  I actually designed them to fit in the now sold out Studio Calico December Daily kit.  I hope everyone can use and enjoy them!  Merry Christmas!!!  (This link will take you to the file on Google.  From there, just select Download from the File Menu.  If you have trouble, please leave a comment below, and I will do what I can to make the files available.  This is my first time to try to offer a zipped file!) 
*****ETA: I think I finally have it set up so anyone can download it.  However, if there is a problem, just let me know in the comments!
Officially, I am in the Christmas mood.  I'm working on all these Christmas items- cut files and page templates!  We have been practicing Christmas music at worship team practice for church!  I even started listening to the music in my car (shhh. . .don't tell anyone. . .they will think I'm crazy!)  Anyway, I hope to get a jump on a DD soon!
Please leave us all a link to your December Daily- no matter how far along you are!  Even if you are just getting your supplies together: I want to see!
Also, I wanted to remind you all that I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop!

Use the coupon code GIFT20 at checkout for 20% off!  Baker's twine makes great gift wrap and strings for tags!  Use it up this holiday season!
Have a great day!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Exciting things!

Good morning all of you in blog-land!  I just wanted to stop by to share two exciting things with you.  First, here is a sneak of my most recenly created cut file. 

 I created him for a December Daily, but I believe it should be easily resizeable for Project Life or just about anything else you want to use it for!!! He was very tough for me, but I learned a great deal while playing to create him!  I can't wait to use him!!  I'm trying to create some DD files for my etsy shop (this one plus the others in my previous post).  Would you be interested in buying these?

My other exciting news is here:

My gift to you comes just in time for your Holiday Preperation, I am offering 20% off in my Etsy shop!  Did you know Baker's Twine makes a great addition to your gift wrap?  So does my festive ribbon!  Come see all I have to offer.  Use Coupon code GIFT20 at checkout and get 20% off your entire order!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Studio Calico's 25 Days class

Hi All!  I was so busy yesterday!  I was cleaning house with a friend of mine.  She wanted to do something for my husband and I as a return favor for my husband tilling her yard.  We were so busy.  She scrubbed my kitchen spotless, and I worked on our extra bedroom- one that has been a storage room for 3 years.  I cleaned it out and set up the extra bed we had.  Yea!  We now have a guest room!

Anyway, I wanted draw your attention to this!
Studio Calico is offering a class to help us all with our December Daily.  What is a December Daily, you ask: it is a concept created by Ali Edwards for you to document all the exciting days of December leading up to Christmas! 

I LOVE Christmas and all the decorations and joy it brings.  I have been considering doing a December Daily, but I was reluctant as December is always so busy.  However, I think I am going to do it, and this class will help me!   Join me and take this class to help you be inspired!  I can't' wait!

Have a wonderful day!