Monday, September 30, 2013

Mickey Monday

Good morning!  I've decided to start some new features here on my blog.  They won't be a weekly thing.  They will just be when I decide I want to do them!  Fair enough?

Lately, I have really been missing Disney World.  About the time I started to realize this, Leslie at Violet Imperfection started her Mickey Monday feature to help her keep from missing Disney World so much!  I decided, I, too, had to follow suit!

For this first Mickey Monday, I want to give you some back story, so this doesn't seem random!  Who didn't love Disney movies as a kid?  Come on!  When my parents took me to Disney World in 1992, I was at the impressionable age of 13. (no laughing. was the 90s!)

I LOVED Disney.  It was such a magical wonderful place.  One of the things that impressed me the most was seeing the animators working at (then) MGM Studios.  I remember taking the animation tour and being intrigued by the idea of getting to draw and color for a job!  From that moment on, I drew and colored Disney characters.  I decided I wanted to work at the Disney Store.  The moment I turned 16, I asked for a job.  Hmm. . .you had to be 18.  Guess what, I was there at 18 filling in paperwork!  I worked at the Disney Store on and off until I graduated college.  I was obsessed!  Disney was my life!

The picture of Mickey and me at the top is actually from Disneyland in California.  I went in 2001 on a mission- meet mickey mouse.  I missed him in '92, and this was something I had to do!  Yep, at 22, I HAD to meet Mickey.  It was a nice trip at Disneyland to be where Walt Disney actually walked!

Now, I've been to Disney World 5 times!  I miss it like crazy.  My last trip was 3 years ago with one of my best friends.  The Trip Report with tons of pictures is here.  I didn't finish, but you can see what fun we had!  Be aware, that some of those photos MIGHT show up here soon!

Mickey Mondays will be a way to show my photos and talk about my favorite parts of my trips!  I look forward to many more Mickey Mondays!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Catch-up

Good Morning!  I had great plans to have all kinds of post ready for this week.  Um, yeah, that didn't happen.  I hope to have some big plans for this blog- not only my crafty things, but also more glimpses into my life.  However, for now, let's just catch up!

This past weekend, one of my husband's co-workers got married.  Since my husband is the manager, we, naturally, were invited and had to attend.  I had some reservations: I'm a good wall flower- especially when I don't know anyone.  I was worried it would be uncomfortable.  I ended up having a good time, so it all turned out well.  It was a beautiful wedding, and the reception was nice.  I'm glad I went looking back on it.  So, naturally, I had to make a wedding card.  I wanted something simple but nice since I didn't really know the couple.  I found a card on Pinterest I thought would be simple.  Ha!  I started working on it, and decided to watch Tangled while I was working.  Um, this was only my second time to see Tangled, so the card took me most of the movie to make because I kept getting caught up in the movie.  True Story!  Anyway, without further ado, here is the card:
I was happy with it.  I couldn't get the bow straight, but otherwise, it was very nice. 

Lately, I've been very inspired by Some Odd Girl.  Kristy Dalman is the artist and designer behind SOG.  She is amazing!  I love her work, and I stalk follow her instagram feed for her sketches and coloring.  They are amazing!  Aaaannnyhooo...I've been very inspired by her images and by the Some Odd World.  Most of these talented ladies on Some Odd World use Copics to color their images.  Er, well, honestly, I can't afford Copics.  I briefly looked into it a few years ago, and decided it wasn't for me.  I can't justify the cost.  However, I do experiment with other media!  Right now, my media of choice is Primsacolor pencils.  I've been in love with them since I was young.  My dad used to be a geophysicist.  He would survey land to see where was the best place to drill for oil.  He did a lot of maps, and I remember he gave me some colored pencils one time.  It was a mix of brands, and I was thrilled.  Mixed in with these colored pencils were some Prismacolors.  I was amazed at what they could do.  I started buying more and more.  Now, I'm obsessed.  They are so versatile.  I've been experimenting with them on the SOG images.  Ok, so they aren't Copics, but I get some nice shading and great coloring with them!

Here is my latest card with the SOG Winter Mae image:
I did this card for two challenges: one on Some Odd World where the challenge was to use our dies or cut files.  I made some snowflakes on my Cameo and used them on this card.  I also did the card for a challenge on the SOG blog.  They have a monthly challenge where they give you a sketch and ask you to use it as a springboard for a card.  This month's challenge was a very simple sketch, and I have seen all kinds of interpretations!  This is mine!

Thanks for catching up with me and my crafts! :)  Hopefully, soon, I will come up with many more ideas on how to liven this blog up!  Any ideas are welcomed!

Have a great day, and if you have any questions about my projects or supplies, just leave a comment!  (I love to read comments, anyway and would love to hear from you!!!)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cards from the weekend

Good morning!  Please excuse my absence.  I usually blog on Mondays, but last Monday was Labor Day.  With my husband home, I wasn't able to blog.  Here I am; ready to go!

This weekend, I took some time to make some cards for Sublime Chocolate (where I work!)  My boss allows me to sell my cards there which go well with a gift of a box of chocolates!  My supply of cards at work is running very low.  This weekend, I had to make some more.  

I sat down on Saturday with a few cards in mind and went to work.  I decided having a plan and actually sticking to it gets me to make more cards for the time I'm working.  Great stuff.  I didn't get many designs done, but I did a few of each, so I have plenty to sell!  Here they are:

After posting the pictures, it doesn't seem like I got a lot accomplished, but I feel I did.  I guess as long as I felt good about what I accomplished, that is all that matters.

Hopefully, I will be back sooner rather than later with some other crafty things!  Have a good day!