Monday, September 9, 2013

Cards from the weekend

Good morning!  Please excuse my absence.  I usually blog on Mondays, but last Monday was Labor Day.  With my husband home, I wasn't able to blog.  Here I am; ready to go!

This weekend, I took some time to make some cards for Sublime Chocolate (where I work!)  My boss allows me to sell my cards there which go well with a gift of a box of chocolates!  My supply of cards at work is running very low.  This weekend, I had to make some more.  

I sat down on Saturday with a few cards in mind and went to work.  I decided having a plan and actually sticking to it gets me to make more cards for the time I'm working.  Great stuff.  I didn't get many designs done, but I did a few of each, so I have plenty to sell!  Here they are:

After posting the pictures, it doesn't seem like I got a lot accomplished, but I feel I did.  I guess as long as I felt good about what I accomplished, that is all that matters.

Hopefully, I will be back sooner rather than later with some other crafty things!  Have a good day!

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