Monday, September 30, 2013

Mickey Monday

Good morning!  I've decided to start some new features here on my blog.  They won't be a weekly thing.  They will just be when I decide I want to do them!  Fair enough?

Lately, I have really been missing Disney World.  About the time I started to realize this, Leslie at Violet Imperfection started her Mickey Monday feature to help her keep from missing Disney World so much!  I decided, I, too, had to follow suit!

For this first Mickey Monday, I want to give you some back story, so this doesn't seem random!  Who didn't love Disney movies as a kid?  Come on!  When my parents took me to Disney World in 1992, I was at the impressionable age of 13. (no laughing. was the 90s!)

I LOVED Disney.  It was such a magical wonderful place.  One of the things that impressed me the most was seeing the animators working at (then) MGM Studios.  I remember taking the animation tour and being intrigued by the idea of getting to draw and color for a job!  From that moment on, I drew and colored Disney characters.  I decided I wanted to work at the Disney Store.  The moment I turned 16, I asked for a job.  Hmm. . .you had to be 18.  Guess what, I was there at 18 filling in paperwork!  I worked at the Disney Store on and off until I graduated college.  I was obsessed!  Disney was my life!

The picture of Mickey and me at the top is actually from Disneyland in California.  I went in 2001 on a mission- meet mickey mouse.  I missed him in '92, and this was something I had to do!  Yep, at 22, I HAD to meet Mickey.  It was a nice trip at Disneyland to be where Walt Disney actually walked!

Now, I've been to Disney World 5 times!  I miss it like crazy.  My last trip was 3 years ago with one of my best friends.  The Trip Report with tons of pictures is here.  I didn't finish, but you can see what fun we had!  Be aware, that some of those photos MIGHT show up here soon!

Mickey Mondays will be a way to show my photos and talk about my favorite parts of my trips!  I look forward to many more Mickey Mondays!


  1. ohhhh i love Disney!! we've been to two! here's hoping we can go to more soon!

  2. Love Disney and LOVE your fun photo's!!