Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Graphic LOVE

I have always loved graphics!!  I've never had any formal training; I only know what I've learned from sitting in front of my computer!  I love to manipulate graphics to make what I want. 
When I first started scrapbooking, supplies were so much different than they are now- especially Disney supplies.  I was a Disney fanatic, and I was working on scrapping two trips I'd taken to Disney World.  I couldn't find the embellishments I wanted.  That's when I discovered paper piecing.  For most, it was a simple way to dress up a paper doll or to make a simple shape.  However, I, of course, had to take it one step further.  I would take coloring pages and disassemble them in a graphics editing program.  I would create print files that were all one color from a character (ie: peach sections for the skin, blue section for a princess bodice and shoes, etc).  Then I would print those sections onto colored paper/cardstock to get the shapes I wanted.  After I had all my shapes, I would piece the characters together.  Layer upon layer and the character would come to life.  Below is one of my favorite: Buzz.  Both he and Woody are paper pieced.  However, I shot a close up of Buzz because he has so many layers!  (Don't laugh; it is a very old spread!)
So, now you understand my crazy love of graphics (and somewhat insane patience!)
For a while, I stopped scrapbooking because time just didn't permit.  Now, thanks to Studio Calico, I am back!  Recently, I heard about the Silhouette Cameo.  I understood it could cut True Type Fonts.  That is true, but it wasn't until later did I understand that not only could it cut True Type Fonts, it could cut shapes.  Naturally, my love for graphics kicked in.
In order to justify the cost of the Cameo to my husband and myself, I was trying to figure out multiple ways I could use it.  I discovered the software was free, so I downloaded it.  I started playing and with some help from some YouTube videos, I figured more things out.  This machine is incredible!  However, hubby and I have had a few small financial set backs, so buying the Cameo wasn't an option.  When I told my mom about this great machine, she was intrigued.  Though not a scrapbooker, she was impressed by the machine.  She offered to get it for me as a birthday gift.  Naturally, I took her up on that offer!  My birthday is in a few weeks, but that doesn't mean my creativity hasn't already started to flow!
I started playing around with making my own Cut files for the Cameo.  Since I don't have the machine yet, I emailed my designs to my friend, Danielle of Piperloo.  She was kind enough to cut my files, so I could see how my designs worked.  The first one wasn't the greatest as it needed some improvement.  When I made some of the improvements, I also made a negative cut file.  She cut that one, too.
Not bad for a first try. 
With that boost of confidence, I started creating other files.  While I playing, I heard about the December Daily which is Ali Edwards idea of documenting each day of December remembering holiday traditions and fun.  I thought it would be cool to include some holiday-style designs into my cut file repertoire.  Here is what I tried:
Disregard the pink arrow.  Danielle was showing me a spot to fix.
I've very excited how they came out!  I have some new designs in my head!  I'm thinking I might just see what I can do with them!
Now, the only hard part: waiting for my birthday and my Cameo!!!!



Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pinterest Find

Hey, look what I found on Pinterest!

Yep!  Someone pinned my layout onto Pinterest!  It is the vertical 8.5x11 with the yellow chevrons!  I was so excited to see it, I snapped a not-so-great picture on my phone.  I was so excited!!  I discovered several of my items in my Studio Calico gallery have been pinned, but I can't find them!  It is just exciting!!!  (Um, yes, I do realize that I could have pinned it myself, but I don't do that.  Just knowing someone else liked it so much they pinned it is very cool!!!)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bad Blogger! Bad!!

Oh, this blog has been calling me for weeks, but I just couldn't find the time!  It has been crazy!  So, just like all my previous posts, I will be catching you up!  Hahaha!!  Be ready for picture heavy craziness.  Are you ready to go?? :)
First of all, I DID finish the 30 Days of Lists challenge!  I also finished it. . . . .drum roll, please. . . .in SEPTEMBER!  Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Think Kermit dancing!)  If you know me, you'll realize that me finishing something on time (well, something crafty) is a strange thing!  I was determined to finish in September.  I got behind, but I also got caught up!  It just makes me happy! 
** No worries if you missed the September edition of 30 days of lists.  If I understand correctly, it should be back in March! 
Ok, here are a few of my favorite lists from the second half of the month:

List 19: Events I'd like to attend:

List 23: My Current Favorites:

List 27: The Bravest things I've done:
List 28: Little Joys in my Life:
 The 30 Days of Lists was a lot of fun!  It was neat to record a snippet of my life in lists! Plus, it will be a fun way to look back!  Next time, I think I will make it a little easier to complete.  I plan to just do a little journal or Moleskine notebook with maybe a picture and a simple hand written list.  Nothing fancy and no pages to make.  However, in doing this challenge and mini-album, I allowed myself to use whatever supplies I had in my stash.  It helped me to see great uses for the items I had in my scrapbooking stash.  I think it safe to say that I know have a new-found love for letter stickers and their versatility!  LOVE them!  Hee hee.

In addition to the 30 days of lists, the end of September held other exciting things including the's Chocolate Conference and Festival!  My boss at Sublime Chocolate allowed me to help with our booth.  It was so much fun, but it was so crazy!  There were an enormous amount of people there.  By the end of the day, my throat was sore, and I was exhausted.  It was a great experience, though!

We made so many chocolates for this event.  We brought three truffles, and we made around 700 of each kind.  Plus, we brought a traditional Aztec-style hot chocolate (made with cocoa, water, lavender, chili peppers, and honey- spicy, but tasty!!), chocolate covered dates stuffed with an almond and a pistachio, and our Melange which is a layer or dark chocolate and toasted coconut, a layer of milk chocolate with pistachios and a white chocolate lattice on top!  People streamed by our tables all day!  When we had a few minutes, each of us got to walk around and see the other chocolatiers and chocolate makers and try their products!  It was fun, but by the end of the day, I was completely chocolated-out!  Yep, me! 

October came, and I can hardly believe it is nearly half over. Can you? Where has this year gone???  With the new month, came my awesome loot from the Studio Calico Swap Your Stash swap!  I was paired with Nicole (gothamgirl).  (Ironically, Nicole and I knew each other from 2Peas!)  She was so very generous!!!  Look at what I got!!!

This picture is just cute.  One of my dogs, Emma, is my Parrot-Dog because she likes to sit on my shoulder.  I finally got a good picture of her and I with my phone!

The Texas State Fair is one of the things that Hubby and I do together every year!  It is just something we love to do.  Eat and enjoy the sites and sounds plus spending the day together.  This year, we tried Fried Somoas!  Yeah, you know, the Girl Scout Cookie??  They were fantastic!  Look: 

 While we were at the Fair, we looked at all the people selling their products.  While we were walking through a tent, we saw a lady demonstrating this little guy.
She drug the stick (in his mouth) across the scales on his back and them tapped his forehead.  It made the sound of a frog.  It was so awesome.  I had to stop.  I tried all the different ones she had out.  I decided I had to take one home.  Hey, he's an instrument!  (For those of you who don't know, I'm a musician.  I have always loved instruments.  I always buy fun ones along with traditional ones.  I hate to see neglected instruments, and I always take them home.)  Naturally, this guy had to come home with me!  Love him!

October 6 was World Cardmaking Day!  Studio Calico had challenges on their blog (which you can still participate in until October 15!)  I created two cards.  I hope to get a couple more done, but I don't know when I'll have time.  Here are my first attempts!

The next picture is just one I had to share.   Hubby and I were playing bowling on the Wii.  I was laughing at his posture.  He would roll the ball and then hold the pose.  Funny, huh?

Here is a quick look at the Washi tape I got from Rosalie in the Studio Calico Washi Tape swap!  Aren't they the coolest!  I LOVE washi!
One last thing that happened at work yesterday. Troy and Sublime Chocolate were filmed for an episode of Storage Wars Texas. Apparently, a spray rig with a little chocolate in it was found in a storage locker.  They contacted Troy to have him talk about it.  They came to the shop yesterday to film.  They were there for about 3 hours for what will be a 3 minute clip!  Crazy, huh??  Oh, to quench your excitement, I will not be in the episode.  They asked us workers to stay as much out of sight as we could.  However, it was still very exciting.  The episode will air in January, so keep and eye out!
 This is Troy, Bubba, and Ricky in front of our store (and the store next door!)!
Thanks for sticking with me. . .even though I'm a bad blogger! ;)