Monday, August 19, 2013

Project Life Week 17

Last Saturday was supposed to be my catch-up with Project Life!  Haha!  What is the saying. . .something about when man makes plans, God laughs?  That's how I felt.  It was a such a big mess at work, I don't want to go into the details.  Ultimately, I got called in a few hours on Saturday.  Not a huge deal, however, I wanted to use those hours to catch up on Project Life.  Oh well.   I did get one week finished before I got called in.  

Yes, and that week was . . . .wait for it. . . . .WEEK 17!!!!!!!!!!!  (Trumpets fanfare!)  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am woefully behind and just finished Week 17 when we are WAAAY past that.  Oh well.  It really doesn't bother me too much because I'm proud of each week I finish!

Would you like to see?  Naturally!  I think all of you who come to see my blog do so from scrapbooking sites or because you follow me (thank you my three followers!).  Here is week 17!

Left side

Title card!  I was inspired by Jen on instagram (who, by the way, has the two cutest boys you ever saw!).  She posted a picture of her Title card (which can be seen on her blog!)  I decided to use it as a springboard!

Again, I used up some more of my Studio Calico Project Life kits.  I just can't get over how they manage to pull the pages together!!  I LOVE them!!!!  (Their current kit, Marks & Co is still available!)

If you don't already know, I work at a chocolate shop called Sublime Chocolate where I am Production Manager and Assistant Chocolatier!  Yes, that means I made chocolate!  Great job!  The chocolates in the upper left photo of this page were ones I created.  My boss gave us a time to experiment with making whatever we wanted.  I made a blackberry piece that was very well liked!!

Right Side

I will admit my journaling on this spread was sparse at best.  I had so many photos I wanted to include that journaling came second.  Is it sad- a little, but I did discover 'writing' on photos.  Before I print them, I add a caption or short description.  That helps the viewer to see and understand more of the photos.  It also helps me to remember more of what happened those weeks!

There you are!  Project Life Week 17.  I still love the project!  I love recording everything!  Even though I just have three dogs and my hubby, I still have my own stories to tell.  So for those of you who think you are too boring for Project Life- Guess again!


  1. Your pages made me very LOVING that hello card and so glad you are still enjoying the process!

  2. please don't be too hard on yourself, focus on what you've done. 17 weeks DONE!! that is awesome achievement!