Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Catching up

Ok, it has been a over a week since I blogged.  This will just be a bit of everything I wanted to write about but haven't had the time.

First of all,  I finished a new layout for the Studio Calico blog's Sunday Sketch.  Here is the sketch:

I turned it sideways, and use the large photo space to display three photos.

This will be the title page for the Disney World album from my 2010 trip!  I plan to do it in a project life style, so I can use all my photos and get it done quickly!

Next, I created a few cards.  The first one was for my Pastor (whom I adore).  He blacked out and totaled his car.  He has some injuries, but is still alive, thank God!!  The other two were for the chocolate shop I work at.

Now, onto non-paper-crafty things. . .
Lately, my husband has been creating these wonderful desserts by using whatever we have on hand. They are tremendous!  This was a chocolate/Nutella crust with a Blood Orange and spice Greek Yogurt and Avacado toppings.  Topped with honey and cinnamon.  It sounds awful, but it was delicious! (It doesn't look so good, either. . .)

I told him that I'm not good doing things by the seat of my pants.  I don't just come up with things, so the other night, he challenged me.  He picked out some ingredients, and told me to see what I could do.  He gave me a few suggestions, and then let me go.  It was interested.  He wanted me to include: bacon, graham crackers, almonds, Nutella, Paprika, cinnamon, Orange Liquor, and Golden Raisins.  He said Orange Liquor was optional, and I could just add the raisins to his if I didn't want them.  Ok, I was challenged.  Here are the ingredients.  Sorry for the bad photo- my phone was cooperating, and the better picture I thought I took, didn't come out:

He suggested making a crust with the bacon and the almonds.  I cooked and crushed the bacon and nuts and added Nutella and the graham crackers and a little honey to make the crust.  Then, I sliced some peaches and bananas and layered them on the crust.  I created a sauce with plain Greek yogurt, the cinnamon, the paprika, the Orange Liquor, and a little honey and put that on top.  I sprinkled it with raisins:

The sauce was incredible, and it went well with the other flavors! I was very excited.  Could I make it again?  I don't know, but it felt good to meet the challenge!

I'm still working on my art room.  I'm trying to make it as efficient as possible.  I've been trying to rearrange and/or purge my scrapbook embellishments.

 What a mess!  I had no idea I had so much stuff!  Crazy!  Now, I have to decide just how much I will use.  I'm trying to come up with ways to repurpose some older embellishments.  I have a few ideas, but what a mess!!!  I got overwhelmed and fed up, and I just stuffed it all into a box.  I'll deal with it later!

Recently, we've noticed on our drive from church, that a Bennigan's was coming soon!   I was ecstatic!  I was so bummed when they closed.  Well, we went last night.  I got an Emerald Isle Club!  YUM!!!  So glad Bennigan's is back!

Also, yesterday, my first 'kit' from Studio Calico arrived!  I put 'kit' in quotes because I didn't get the main kit nor do I have a subscription.  I simply ordered the Six String add-on.  It came yesterday!!!

Isn't it gorgeous??  I'm so excited to play with it, but I have so much else to do today!  Soon!  I will get to play soon!

I hope you have a great day!  I'll be back as soon as I can!!!!!!


  1. Yay for Disney layouts! Also, really cool what you did with the food.

    I ordered six string--it's the first addon I've been able to score in the 6 months I've subbed. Hopefully the kit is arriving today. Cannot wait to play!

    Love your layout!