Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekly Challenge

I got my layout done for the Studio Calico weekly challenge today!
I really had a blast doing this.  I tried all kinds of new things.  Never in the past would I have combined so many patterned papers on one layout.  Neither would I cover up the patters as much as I did, but I've been inspired by the girls over at Studio Calico! They do so many things on a single page, and it doesn't overwhelm the page.  It is fun!

Oh, I also learned if you have something in your head, and no one makes the paper you want, make it yourself!  The Yellow Chevron paper was something I wanted, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.  I searched online, and I found a small chevron pattern image online.  I placed it over and over again on a blank image.  Then I printed that image out as a 5x7 picture.  It is pretty neat to be able to add something to a page that is in your mind but not out in stores.

On other news, I went to IKEA today!  I LOVE IKEA.  It is an organizers dream come true!!!  I went with a purpose- to obtain this.
I have been overhauling my art room since my hubby got me a set of map drawers to use as storage.  This little baby will hold my albums, I hope.  It is assembled, but I haven't filled it yet.  It is still exciting.  I bought several other items at IKEA to spruce up my art room.  (Photos will follow the completion of the overhaul!)  I'm excited to get my art room finished!!

Until next time! :)

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