Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New card and weekly challenge

Good morning.  I just wanted to post a card I made last week for the Chocolate shop I work at.  My boss sold the card before I even made it- gotta love that! :)  He had a phone order, and they wanted a card to go along with the gift. Here it is:

I took the picture later in the evening and with my phone, so it isn't great, but I was proud of the card!

The weekly challenge is up on the Studio Calico Blog!  I have a layout from 5 years ago that I think I may put up for the challenge.  What do you think?

It can't hurt to put it in, right?  I might try to get another layout made- for my wedding book. . .wouldn't my husband be happy (he has been after me to finish our book for years!  Tee hee!)

I guess that's it for now.  I will try to post more often!


  1. that card is beautiful!! and yay!! go go go!! create more layouts for your wedding book! the result will be so awesome!

  2. Beautiful card and yes do made a layout!