Monday, October 14, 2013

Mickey Monday

Good morning!  I regret to inform you, my faithful readers, that I've not been very crafty lately.  I just joined a gym which may not sound like it would take time, but it does!  I've have been trying to get the gym when I can, and that time at the gym is usually the time I used to spend crafting.  Will working out take over my crafty time- ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I just have to figure a way to craft when I'm not doing my other activities!  

Today is another installment of 

Oh yes!  One of my friends is off to Disney tomorrow, and I'm so jealous!  I know she will have a wonderful time, but, in the mean time, it certainly makes me miss Disney World all the more.  

Today, I decided to feature meeting one of my most favorite characters: STITCH!  My friend Nikki and I decided on our trip to do things we hadn't done before.  One of those things for me was to go to the Best Friends Breakfast at O'hana.  This particular breakfast had Mickey and Pluto and Lilo and Stitch!  Two of my favorites at one meal- COUNT ME IN!  

Nikki and I meeting Stitch!  Don't I look about ready to jump out of my skin?  It was so much fun!  Right before the picture of Stitch and me was taken, I had told Stitch that Lilo had told me his badness level was high!  This is his reaction:
Isn't his reaction adorable!  I'm so glad Nikki captured this moment!  It truly was a magical moment for me!! 

Not only did we meet Stitch (and Lilo), we also met Mickey.
Nikki had said that Mickey wasn't her favorite- that she actually preferred Donald.  Look at the way she is looking at Mickey!  I just love it!

Me and my buddy!  (Yes, the lighting in there wasn't the greatest!  Oh well!)

I've shared far more pictures than I intended, but it was fun to go back and relive a little bit of my last trip!  If you want to read about our whole breakfast experience and see more pictures, see my Trip Report on the Disboards!  (That link will take you to the exact post, but if you want to read more, just go back to the beginning!)

Have a Magical Day!


  1. How fun!! Love those photos. We have never been, but I hope to take Alex soon. Good luck with the gym. I finally went back to running and it's hard.